Father Knows Best

John 14:6–14

In our study Sunday, we saw how God reveals Himself first with simply the name God and, from here on, mostly with the name Father.

In the context of having troubled hearts, understanding that our God is our Heavenly Father is of great comfort to our hearts. As God, He is sovereign over all things, and as our Father, He brings us to His deep family relationship, love, and protection to us.

Rather than an impersonal god that other religions embrace, here we are taught that through Christ we can approach Him, know Him, and see Him.

So, as we face uncertainty or oppression or discouragement, we can trust our Father completely.

Borrowing the old TV show title Father Knows Best, He knows the beginning from the end. He knows the defeat of the spiritual enemy. He knows us deeply and cares for us even when we can’t see or feel it. He is with us forever and never ceases to act as our Heavenly Father.

Thanks be to our God that, when our hearts are troubled, we can lean into our Heavenly Father!

Begin today!

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