The After-Math

John 9:8–41

As we follow the aftermath of the healing of the man born blind in John 9, we see the spiritual sight that develops as the man is asked over and over to testify to what he has personally experienced.
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Despite the skepticism of the neighbors, distancing by his parents, and hostility of the Jewish authorities, we see the man’s faith and boldness increase. As he testifies to what he knows, the questions from others deepen the man’s spiritual understanding of the sign that was worked in him and direct his focus to the Person of Jesus. The man progresses from knowing Jesus’ name and experiencing a sign to seeing Him as a prophet, and to becoming His disciple, before Jesus finds him a second time and reveals Himself as the Son of Man.

Signs—that we often refer to as miracles—point us to Jesus. But so often we have other things that cloud or prevent us from seeing Him. Our own goals, achievements, the status quo, pride, fear of change, and inadequacy are but a few of the things that can blind us from the best that Jesus has for us: allowing God to display His works in us!

But, with our eyes on Jesus, He will be at work in our lives even in those challenging times when we might not see it. Our faith will grow as we keep focused on Him. Let us turn our eyes to Jesus!
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