We're committed, but to what?

John 12:44–50

As Christians, we favor the statement that we are committed.

In a general sense, this seems to be a very good thing. “Our world needs more commitment,” we hear often with an affirmative nod.

But as we look more deeply into our lives, what is it we are actually committed to?

I ask this because it is easy to proclaim our commitment, but so often when things don’t go our way, we dig in our heels in frustration or even anger. Someone hurts you deeply, and instead of following the clear direction “to forgive as Christ has forgiven you,” “seven times seventy” times, we engage in that hurt and the wrongness of it.

Sometimes we can bear a bitter spirit for a long time. Our commitment seems to be in our own welfare and protection instead of wholeheartedly following Jesus.

This came clear to me as I worked on last Sunday’s message.

Here was Jesus, who had already left His exalted place in heaven for the incarnation, lived amidst sinners, was rejected and despised by so many, yet in His commitment to His Father He continued to proclaim gracious forgiveness, Light, and eternal life . . . to those who hated Him! This passage comes at the end of His public ministry, and His death on the cross was only days away. Yet His commitment held—to speak His Father’s words and direction.

And we’re so glad He did!

It is good for us to examine our commitment often—at least weekly. Has our commitment drifted to our own preferences, opinions, desires, and welfare? Or have we held fast to knowing, following, and loving our Savior Jesus and His direction?

This may be hard for us, but at the end, renewing our hold on Jesus is the life with no regrets. Let’s begin today!