Don't let your hearts be troubled

John 14:1–9

Last Sunday’s study was on John 14:1–9 and is in the setting of the now eleven disciples and Jesus.

He exhorted them to continue believing and trusting in God but to also trust in Him. But He also tells them that He is going to His Father and preparing a spacious place for them all. And at a certain time, He is coming back for them that they might be with Him and His Father—actually in the physical presence of them—forever!

One friend of mine told me a two-word overview of the Book of Revelation was, “Jesus wins!” As these followers would witness His arrest and brutal crucifixion, they would now clearly know that He wins, and if He wins, we win!

So, though we go through very difficult and dark times, we understand by His Word that He wins in the end. No dictator or political party or rogue nation will win, but Jesus and His people will win and move into Heaven and then the Eternal Kingdom to live in peace with Him forever and ever.

No wonder Paul says to "comfort one another with these words" (1 Thess. 4:18)!

So don’t be fooled as we see our planet seem to be falling apart. Our Father is sovereign, and Jesus is King, and He and His people win!

As poet Robert Browning said, “The best is yet to be.” So today, amidst this crazy world, find comfort in His victory—and encourage someone with these words!

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