Help Needed

John 12:1–11

Sunday’s study of Mary’s adoration of Jesus—the scene of anointing His feet with expensive ointment and wiping them with her hair—was so moving!

We can’t make a direct application to it, as He is not here in His physical, resurrected body. However, the Bible talks of another way to adore and worship Him, and it is with praise.
"Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name."
Hebrews 13:15
The difficulty with praise is, if we are not experiencing Him daily in the regular things of life, we won’t have much to praise Him with. We’d have generalities or old praises from things many years ago.

How do we keep fresh experiences with the Lord which we can turn into praise?

I wrestled with this Sunday morning, but after church I ended up in the VBS planning meeting. As they were doing an overview of the VBS theme on the Helper, a study of the Holy Spirit and all His ministries to us, the speaker said, “We want the children to learn to ask for help!”

And it clicked!

That’s how we keep walking with the Lord through daily events and seeing His marvelous work in and around us. We ask for help!

Ask early and often!

Ask during the mundane routines of life.

Ask when difficulties hit.

Ask when you go through a valley.

Keep asking . . . and the Helper will help. He will show you where the Lord is working and what He’s doing. He’ll help you with the Lord’s timing. He’ll help with wisdom and patience.

We have to learn to ask. Before you set out to fix everything around you, ask for help. Let’s start today!

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